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Tanisha Raj, Co-Founder

 A mother, educator, mental health advocate, who loves all things artistic. She was formerly a Psychologist and Sociologist teacher but is now exploring her passion for dance, photography, and design. A good book, a long walk in nature, and a cup of coffee are some of  Tanisha's favorite things. Creating a brand for all things Bahá'i, has been one of her dreams, and is overjoyed that Fire and Gold has come into being.

Tina Missaghi, Co-Founder

 Based in Melbourne, Tina shares a passion for all things surrounding travel, art and nature. She wanted to bring simplicity and beauty to everyday items in an effort to assist all in building a Baha’i identity. Currently in her final year of completing her Bachelor of Education, Tina is hopeful that Fire and Gold will assist others in their material and spiritual journeys.


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